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Open the door to huge savings for a full year as you visit any of
more than 350 participating wineries throughout West Coast
wine regions of Washington, Oregon and California.

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VIP Experiences and Big Discounts

The next time you head out for a wine-country adventure, why not spend more money on new wines and less on tasting fees? And how about getting someone to help you choose wineries to visit that are particularly well matched to your tastes and interests?

If that sounds as good to you as it did to us, you'll understand why we are partnering with the people at Priority Wine Pass to be sure our friends and WinesNorthwest users hear about this simple and ever-expanding wine club... a club that can save you hundreds of dollars each year. We encourage you to become a card-carrying member.

With more than 350 wineries now participating in the program - and more joining every day, your choices of discounted wine-tasting and touring deals at hand-selected, quality wineries can take you into some of the most beautiful wine country regions throughout Washington, Oregon and California. Use the powerful interactive map to find clusters of winery partners. You can be sure your wine-country touring will be more affordable and enjoyable than ever before.

The Priority Wine Pass (PWP) program provides members with a full year of opportunities for complimentary and 2-For-1 tastings, as well as discounts on wine purchases, tours and special events. Take advantage of the Concierge Service included with your membership to discover hidden winery gems, or use your pass to return to your favorite wineries time and again throughout your one-year membership. Membership discounts can also be enjoyed on other PWP partner services such as wine-country lodging, dining, guided tours and driving services. Use your pass as often as you like throughout your one-year subscription.

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Just one day using your Priority Wine Pass will no doubt save you and your companion the full amount you paid for your club membership! After that, the money you save on your tastings and other deals is money we encourage you to spend on great wine.

Don't forget to enter your WinesNorthwest discount code - WINESNW - to secure your $20 discount when you register for your Priority Wine Pass.

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