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Experience Kestrel wines at three locations

Prosser Tasting Room
Headquarters and Winery
(Daily11:00 am to 5:00 pm)
2890 Lee Road
Prosser Wine & Food Park
Prosser, WA 99350
509-786-CORK (2675)

Map for Prosser winery & Tasting Room

Woodinville Cellar and Tasting Room
(Thurs - Mon:  Noon - 5 pm
  or by appointment)

19501 144th Avenue NE
Suite C-900
Woodinville, WA 98072

Map for Woodinville Tasting Room


Tasting Room & Wine Bar
(Tasting Room: Daily: 11 am - 5 pm;
Wine Bar: Fri & Sat, open at 6 pm)
Edelweiss Hotel Building
843 B Front Street
Leavenworth, WA  98826

Map for Leavenworth Tasting Room

Winery Information

Winemaker: Flint Nelson
Assistant Winemakers:
Carolina Warwick

Vineyard Acreage:  145 estate acres

Average Annual Production:  38,000 cases

Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot,
Sangiovese, Syrah, Cabernet Franc,
Malbec, Mourvedre, Rosé
Raptor Red (Meritage blend),
"Lady in Red" (red blend),
"Lady in White" (white blend),
Chardonnay, Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc,
Pinot Gris, Ice Wine, Port-style wines

Tasting Room Hours - Three Locations:
Prosser location
Daily11:00 am to 5:00 pm
Leavenworth location
Daily: 11 am - 5 pm;
Wine Bar open at 6 pm Fri & Sat
Woodinville location
Thurs - Mon:  Noon - 5 pm
or by appointment

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Fruit & wine of the highest quality...  it's an obsession

     At Kestrel Vintners, creating the perfect glass of wine isn't just a focus... it's an obsession!

      Quality is the key word in the elements of the winery's overall philosophy... quality vineyards, quality grapes, quality barrels and quality winemakers.  Some say this commitment to quality in all things is obsessive, but Kestrel sees it as the only way to attain its goal -- the production of absolute quality wines.

      Capturing the Yakima Valley's exceptional growing potential is what many say Kestrel Vintners does best.  The proof is in the tasting... the quality can be found in every glass of the elegant and distinctive wines of Kestrel Vintners.  

       Consider the evidence...

Quality Vineyards

       The Kestrel View Estate Vineyard is home to some of the oldest Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Malbec vines in the state with plantings dating back to 1972.  Two blocks of approximately 80 acres each feature terroir consisting of primarily basalt bedrock, overlain by unconsolidated sediments deposited by glacial-outburst floods, then covered by windblown loess soils.  Growing conditions are ideal, benefiting from the rain-shadow effect of the Olympic and Cascade Mountain Ranges.  Here the climate is warm and dry with abundant sunshine and cool nights.  Vineyard blocks average between 1150' and 1280' in elevation.  A coordinated vineyard team constantly monitors the growth and development of every vine destined for use in Kestrel Vintners wines. 

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Quality Grapes

        All vineyards used for Kestrel wines are carefully selected for their consistent production of high-caliber fruit.  Under the watchful eye of Kestrel winemaker Flint Nelson, vineyard managers are mandated to drop grape tonnage at least 40% of standard production.  While costly, this procedure practically guarantees the smaller grape crop will completely ripen to its highest quality at harvest.  Kestrel's old-vine vineyards, however, at close to 40 years of age, "self regulate" their grape production to about two tons per acre.

Quality Barrels

       Barrel aging plays an important role in Kestrel's wine program.  Wines are aged one to two years in the finest French, Hungarian and American oak barrels, and are bottle aged a minimum of one year prior to release.  Limited production makes it possible for each barrel to receive all the individual attention it needs to meet Kestrel's quality and stylistic requirements.

Quality Wines

       The elegant, distinctive wines of Kestrel Vintners include a Signature Series of Old Vine Merlot, Cabernet, and Raptor Red (the winery's flagship Meritage blend);  the Falcon Series of handcrafted Viognier, Sangiovese, Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet and Chardonnay; the Artist Series including Lady in White (a white blend) and Lady in Red (a red blend); and the Winemaker Series allowing the winemakers to showcase their talent and express the particular varietals, unique clones and yeast strains, as well as distinctive processing styles.

Quality Winemaker

       Flint Nelson knew at an early age he wanted to be a great winemaker.  He has spent his life pursuing that dream. Educated at Washington State University, he graduated in 1991 with honors; after almost 10 years of winemaking experience, including a winemaker position at Apex Cellars in Sunnyside, Washington, Flint came to Kestrel Vintners.  He and his wife (also a winemaker) enjoy vacationing in wine growing regions around the world.

Selected Kestrel Wines

Logo of Kestrel Vintners, Washington winery in Yakima Valley wine region     
Kestrel crafts its wines to suit wine lovers with palates for dark, rich reds and fruit-driven, food friendly whites.  These elegant, distinctive wines include four tiers: the Winemaker Series, the Falcon Series, the Signature Series and the Artist Series.


To purchase Kestrel wines:

Use Kestrel's online Wine Shop

Please call the winery at 509-786-2675, or

Email us at, or

Call one of Kestrel's Distributors in your state.

Kestrel Winemaker Series Wines

The Winemaker Series wines allow our winemakers to showcase their talent and express their interest in particular varietals, unique clones, yeast strains and distinctive processing styles.  Production is limited to less than 500 cases.  These wines have a unique story.

2009 Two Ton Cabernet Sauvignon
Blend: 100% Kestrel View Cabernet Sauvignon
$40.00 bottle
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This fine Cabernet Sauvignon was created by thinning one block of Cabernet Sauvignon down to two tons per acre; this equates to leaving just one cluster per shoot or about sixteen clusters per vine.  Of this block we chose eight rows and conducted another experiment, in which we tied each cluster upward, so that the weight of the fruit would not bend the stem. We made wine from each portion and then chose to blend them back together at bottling.  The wines were both beautiful, with the one from the clusters that were tied upward being a little softer and more elegant.

The Wine:  The resulting wine possesses a deep plum-red color, becoming black at its center.  The aroma is filled with sweet red concentrated fruit such as cherry, currants, raspberries, pomegranate and blueberries.  While sifting through the layers of this complicated and complex wine you will be greeted by spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom and tea leaves. As the wine continues to reveal itself, you will discover dried herbs, floral hints, sweet dark fruits, mineral, cigar box, and leather.  The wine is full bodied and round, with well integrated silky smooth tannins.  The finished product is concentrated and elegant. 

2008 Co-Ferment Estate Syrah
Blend: 95% Kestrel View Estate Syrah | 5% Kestrel View Estate Viognier
$40.00 bottle
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The Syrah and Viognier were picked on the same day and destemmed and crushed into a fermenter, where they were pumped over twice daily during the fermentation process.  By adding Viognier to the Syrah we were able to create a Syrah with a floral-spice element that is actually darker in color than the Syrah would have been on its own, a phenomenon known as co-pigmentation.

The Wine:  The wine represents only the finest barrels of Co-fermented Syrah produced in 2008.  The color is inky purple.  In the aroma you will find the distinct contribution of the Viognier’s floral elements, with hints of violet, lavender, mock orange, jasmine and dried herbs.  Under the floral perfume, dark and ripe flavors such as black cherries, blackberries, dried blueberries, and plum are perfectly balanced by toasted oak, vanilla, spice and mocha.  This is an elegant wine, with a soft round mouth feel, smooth silky tannins, and a long fruity finish. 

To purchase Kestrel wines, please call the winery at 509-786-2675 or email us at
 You can also call one of Kestrel's Distributors for
 information about where you can find Kestrel wines.

Kestrel Falcon Series Wines

The Falcon Series Wines offer superior wine at a tremendous value.  These are great food wines, handcrafted and balanced with great fruit & complexity.  They can be drunk now or placed in your cellar for several years.

2009 Syrah
Blend: 94% Syrah | 3% Viognier | 3% Malbec
$22.00 bottle
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This wine is mostly Syrah but was co-fermented with small amounts of Viognier and Malbec to coax out every nuance possible.  You may wonder  what co-fermenting is all about...  It is when you pick grapes of different varieties at the same time and throw them together in the same fermenter.  You can think of it as blending straight from the field.  By co-fermenting Syrah with other varietals, I believe that the resulting wines are more aromatic, possess greater mouthfeel and are more elegant and interesting.

The Wine: As always, the color is an inky purple crimson, centering to black.  In the aroma and on the palate you will find an abundance of ripe fruit flavors such as black currant, boysenberry, black cherry, cranberry, pomegranate and blueberry jam.  Beneath the layers of fruit you will discover cardamom, turmeric, leather, tobacco, orange rind, dried fennel, and lavender.   This is a rich full bodied, balanced and complex wine.   The velvety smooth mouth feel, supple soft tannins and lingering finish with leave you wanting just one more sip. 

2012 Pinot Gris
Blend: 100% Kestrel View Estate Vineyard Pinot Gris
$13.00 bottle
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The fruit was hand picked and sorted prior to being whole-cluster pressed.  The juice was chilled for several days then racked off its lees and fermented at 54 degrees Fahrenheit in a stainless steel tank.  By tank fermenting, at cool temperatures, the natural fruit flavors of the Pinot Gris grape are preserved.  The tiny rusty-red colored berries yielded a crisp clear liquid that was transformed into a dry, aromatic gem. Hopefully, you will find the resulting wine clean, crisp and refreshing.

The Wine:  The color of the wine is almost clear; there is just a hint of greenish-yellow to it.  The aromas are clean and crisp with overtones of citrus, Asian pear, honeysuckle, dried hay, perfume, Meyer lemon, and the characteristic minerality of Kestrel Vineyards.  The flavors echo the aromas.  The wine is light bodied, crisp and clean, with bright fruit and crisp acidity. 

To purchase Kestrel wines, please call the winery at 509-786-2675 or email us at
 You can also call one of Kestrel's Distributors for
 information about where you can find Kestrel wines.

Kestrel Signature Series Wines

These elegant, distinctive wines include the Signature Series Old Vine Merlot, Old Vine Cabernet Sauvignon and Raptor Red Meritage Blend.

2009 Signature Raptor Red
Blend: 50% Cabernet Sauvignon | 33% Malbec | 17% Cabernet Franc
$60.00 bottle
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Raptor Red is our flagship wine.  Each vintage the six finest barrels from the cellar are selected and blended together to create the best that the vintage has to offer.  The resulting Bordeaux-style blend creates a superior wine with unbelievable depth and breadth.  This old world creation is velvety smooth and bursting with ripe fruit flavors

The Wine:  The color is intense black cherry, finishing to black at its core.  The aroma is supported by generous quantities of sweet black cherries, blackberries, black currants, blueberry jam, and elderberry.  The fruit elements are perfectly balanced with dried herbs, tea, clove, nutmeg, cigar box, cocoa, cedar and a hint of floral.  This wine has exceptionally rich flavors, complemented by ample body, rich tannins and a lingering finish.  

2009 Signature Semillon Ice Wine
Yakima Valley
$40.00 375 ml bottle
[Buy Now]

Vibrant and bursting with clean ripe citrus and stone fruit flavors.  Full bodied, well balanced and deliciously decadent.

To purchase Kestrel wines, please call the winery at 509-786-2675 or email us at
 You can also call one of Kestrel's Distributors for
 information about where you can find Kestrel wines.

Kestrel Artist Series Wines

The Artist Series includes our iconic Lady in White and Lady in Red.  These are approachable, entry level, food friendly, easy drinking wines in collectable bottles.

Lady in White
$13.00 bottle
[Buy Now]

This newest release of Lady in White (formerly Pure Platinum) is a blend of Viognier and Gewürztraminer. The grapes were harvested simultaneously and blended as fruit in the press. The juice underwent a cool slow fermentation using Côte de Blanc yeast. The combination of these factors helped to preserve the fine fruit and floral qualities of the varieties. The fermentation was stopped at about 0.8% residual sugar. The resulting wine is a marriage of spice and floral elements.

The Wine:  The color is a pale straw.  This wine possesses the brilliant spice of the Gewürztraminer grape and the floral perfume of the Viognier.  In the nose you will find hints of poached pear, honeysuckle, jasmine, lavender and violets.  Flavors of sweet citrus, lemon, lime, tangerine, guava and hints of caramelized meringue will excite your taste buds.  The acidity of this bright wine balances perfectly with the sweetness, allowing for a lingering finish of sweet clover honey.

Lady In Red  9th Edition
Blend:  60% Syrah | 26% Merlot | 8% Cabernet Franc | 5% Cabernet Sauvignon | 1% Petite Verdot
$13.00 bottle
[Buy Now]

The fruit used was grown at several outstanding locations around the Yakima Valley and Columbia Valley, including our own Kestrel View Estate Vineyard.  Grapes from the chosen sites produce wines brimming with ripe black and red fruit flavors, coupled with generous full mouth feel.  The fruit which composes Lady In Red 9th Edition was carefully picked at its height of maturity, then de-stemmed and crushed leaving 15% whole berries.  It was fermented at 85° F in small batches, for 7 to 10 days, then gently pressed so as not to extract any harsh tannins.  Fifty percent was then aged in small oak barrels until bottling.

The Wine:  This wine possesses a deep black cherry color, centering to near black.  In the aroma you will find black cherry, red currant, blackberry and plum fruit flavors.  These are balanced by leather, tobacco, cedar, mineral, white pepper, caramelized sugar and baking spices which develop in the glass and on your palate.  The wine ripples with bright intense red fruit flavors, and finishes with a lingering cherry, white pepper and leather notes.  Lady In Red 9th Edition is a full-bodied wine with a firm and lingering sweet finish. 

Other ways to purchase Kestrel wines:
Call the winery at 509-786-2675 or email  
You can also call one of Kestrel's Distributors for
 information about where you can find Kestrel wines.

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