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The Details:

  • The Live Links marketing option on Wines Northwest (WNW) is designed to connect wine-country businesses with wine-country enthusiasts. 

  • Between 60,000 to 80,000 "visitor sessions" are tracked on Wines Northwest every month, depending on the month!  (Source: raw data captured from server log files during  2009 - 2012, evaluated using WebTrends analytics software.) 

  • Pacific Northwest wine-industry and wine-country information and resources are organized on WNW by individual wine regions within three northwestern states (Oregon, Washington, Idaho) and one Canadian province, our neighbors to the north, British Columbia

  • Each wine-region section on WNW contains an overview of that region's history, its current status within the larger wine industry, and suggestions for nearby wine-country resources within those regions. 

  • Lists of suggested nearby wine-country services within a wine region are organized by cities and small "wine towns," and map pages show locations of wineries relative to those cities. These popular resource pages are used by our visitors to locate services they want to use while touring - lodging, dining, wine bars and shops, tour guides and driving services, etc.  Static listings of suggested resources on these pages are complimentary.

  • Our Live Links subscriptions upgrade these wine-country listings for your business by adding a link to your website and your email address and by adding an additional listing to the "Featured Businesses" section at the top of the page; 

Our Live Links program assures you of listings and links to your website usually from three or more different pages of Wines Northwest's wine-touring guide, as well as the  additional listings in our top-of-page "Featured Businesses" sections.

    To enroll in this cost-effective web marketing service, just
contact us by email (or by phone - 360-604-1205) and let us know you are interested in subscribing in our Live Links program.  Please provide your daytime telephone number and the best time to reach you.

Subscribe Now to receive these benefits:

You receive multiple business listings within WinesNorthwest pages including text links to your own website, as well as a Click-Through Monitoring service:

  • From at least two WinesNorthwest pages (usually three & sometimes more), your business listings are activated with links to your website, allowing WinesNorthwest visitors to click through to your website for detailed information about your business. 

  • You receive a free email link as well from each of your page listings on WinesNorthwest, including a pre-inserted Subject: line to let you know when an email message originates from your business listings on WinesNorthwest... that is if the pre-inserted Subject: text is left unchanged by the sender.

  • A click-through tracking device is set up with your Live Links listing so that we can count and report to you the total number of times visitors click through from your WinesNorthwest listings to your website.  An annual ROI Click-Through Report is sent with your Live Links renewal reminder, allowing you to measure the click-through marketing benefits of your subscription before making a renewal decision.

    WinesNorthwest sends hundreds of qualified wine-country prospects every month to your business website through our Live Links program.  The quality of these prospects is high since they are following their own interests when they click on your business name to find out more about you.  These prospects are self identified wine enthusiasts who are browsing WinesNorthwest and making plans for their next visit to your neighborhood. 

      Just give us the word, and we will link you up to the popular world of the WinesNorthwest wine-country network.

     Subscription payment options:

There are two options for making payment for a Live Links subscription:

   1)   Pay by check.  Make your check for $240.00 payable to WinesNorthwest
         and send it to:

Wines Northwest
Live Links Program
P.O. Box 87575
Vancouver, WA  98687

    2)  If you wish to pay by credit or debit card, or with an electronic bank account
         transfer, you can do so through online payment using PayPal.com's secure
         website.  A $10.00 handling fee is added for this service... i.e. $250.00 must be
         sent through PayPal to the following email address:  susan@winesnw.com

Thanks for your interest in Wines Northwest.


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Last updated:  August 3, 2012